When looking at different style guides they are usually for maintaining a companies branding and content. This way when producing anything such as the content on your applications everything stays consistent. You want to make sure your content is like the competitors. Your content should be better and recognizable by anyone and accessible by anyone. When creating style guides you follow a set of rules and just making sure the material you produce follows those rules.

For example, when Apple shows off their phones it’s usually shown in a keynote and each piece of content is on a clean surface or background. They show their phones off with a great close up details and popping colors with big bold texts. Also, everything is minimalistic. Apple goes with usual whites, blacks, and greys as their color schemes. As for Google, they also have phones and their color schemes are their whole brand. It’s the Blue, Red, Yellow and green colors that make google recognizable by billions of people. This is how they show people their products. Through those particular images and colors. On the other side Apples, style guides are like this, they use some gradients to make their product pop out to us. The way they use big bold text on their website you will quickly know that this is an apple product. So style guides are basic guidelines to help keep your information and products consistent and different from others