The Great Smoky Mountains

Discover My Interest in Photography

I have a great passion for photography. Whenever I embark on a journey, I take pleasure in documenting the precious moments with my camera. Since the age of 15, I have been immersed in the art of photography, and at 16, I established an Instagram account dedicated to sharing my captures. Now, you can experience these remarkable moments in tangible form through DarkRoom Prints. This platform enables you to order exquisite prints of my photography in a range of sizes and frames, allowing you to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings!

Below are just a few places I’ve been to!

The full Resolution of these photos can be found on my Darkroom Prints

Introducing a captivating collection of my photographic adventures! Although I have countless more treasures to share, curating them all within this limited space would be quite a task. My passion for exploring remarkable eateries and encountering unforgettable experiences is showcased through my extensive Google reviews. Eager to unveil a glimpse of my escapades? Embark on a thrilling visual journey by visiting this enchanting destination: Sagar-Nayee. Prepare to be swept away by the extraordinary locales I’ve encountered! If you want to check out my prints which you also purchased they are located here – Sagar-Darkroom

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I Enjoy Organizing.

I like to like to keep things clean and minimalistic. Having a clean workspace means a clean headspace. Keeping things organized digitally and physically is vital. This way your space isn’t crowded and you don’t become overwhelmed with information. Arranging documents and your items is a good way to let you know where things are. It also gives you enough space to even work on whatever it is you are working on.

Some things you can do to organize your space are:

  • Hide wires. Wires can get in the way and be dangerous if you spill something and cause a shortage. You put the wires under the desk or re-wire by moving the wires behind objects so the wires stay connected and do not sustain damage over time.
  • put things in containers. Any container will work, just get whatever you want like your charger, sticky notes, or papers, and keep them in a safe location. Not only will it keep things in one place but it will be easy to find your stuff or even move it when you want to.
  • Add labels. Adding labels to things like containers can help you know what’s what.

When designing or coding, I like to have either water or tea and keep it next to me. I recommend having a coaster or little platform so you don’t spill it or worse get on your computer! maybe like a small wooden box with borders so the liquid won’t go anywhere. Another thing I like to have is aromatherapy. it brings great smells to your workspace. So a Diffuser would work great!

This is the one I bought from Amazon and it works incredibly. ASAKUKI Diffuser is a great brand and it’s big enough to fill your whole place. Diffuser inst great without oils so, here are some essential oils from that brand ASAKUKI oils