1994 Winter Olympics – Tonya Harding Ice Skating

1994 Winter Olympics was held in lillehammer, Norway. I will be live blogging the ice skating part of professional figure skater Tonya Harding. She is an american figure skater and is the first women to land a triple axel. I am watching Tonya Harding Figure Skate. Here is the video I watched, It’s history of the 1994 olympics, I had to find another video detailing tonya harding performance which you can see here

9:32 pm Tonya gets interviewed and tells why her lace broke and why she didn’t land the triple axel this time. I think she performed extremely well for what she has gone through for her career as a figure skater.

9:30 pm Tonya gets her results and I personally think she did an amazing job

9:29 pm Tonya finishes her performance, goes back to her bench and awaits results.

9:28 pm she lands a triple Salchow (Here is a tutorial on the jump)

9:27 pm she lands a triple Loop (heres a video showing triple & double loop jumps)

9:26 pm she lands a triple flip jump.

9:24 she lands her first jump which was the triple lutz

9:22 pm Tonya Harding starts her performance

9:20 pm Tonya Harding comes back to perform having fixed her lace from earlier

8:51 pm the judges allowed her to perform after the next figure skater to fix her laces.

8:47 pm Tonya tells the judges her lace for her skate had broken while she is crying.

8:45 pm She did her first time and she did not do what she was intending on. she skates for a bit and then starts to cry, and makes her way to the judges table.

8:42 pm Tonya is starting her performance to the her song.

8:40 pm Tonya’s coach was telling her what she has to do for her performance

at 8:37 pm the Figure Skating part was starting and the next performer was, Tonya who was struggling to get outside and when did she was still tying her shoes.

at 8:00 pm There were flags and singing during the introduction of the Winter Olympics