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A Film Review

The movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood portrays what it was like in Hollywood in 1969. The Lead actors and actress isLeonardo DiCaprio as Rick DaltonBrad Pitt as Rick Dalton’s stunt double, and Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate. The movie shows how Hollywood movies were made and what it was like for everyone the Golden Age. this movie also shows the dark tragedy that took place in Hollywood at that time. this movie takes place during the Manson Murder and shows how it happened. I think people who appreciate the art of film and the cinematography will surely enjoy this new Quentin Tarantino movie

Let’s talk….

Before beginning, I want to say how I will approach this review. I will talk about the movie and what goes on throughout. I also want to talk about the perspective of what it was like in 1969 and the tragedy that took place during this time. So, with that being said let’s begin the review!

The story

With Rick Dalton struggling to find more roles in Hollywood Cliff Booth his stunt double goes wherever Rick tells him to go. Whatever Rick is doing Dalton is not far behind. They drive together, eat together, and have a drink together in Rick Dalton’s mansion. Rick soon discovers his career is going down and doesn’t know if he will be able to keep Cliff as his stunt double. Soon a producer sees Ricks films and provides him with a role in a movie. As for Cliff, Ricks’s movie set has a few people who don’t appreciate Cliff since has killed his wife years ago. So, Cliff is not welcomed which means he is not working as much and just attending to Rick Dalton’s needs. Sharon Tate whom we see only a small amount of times has one main scene that is easily laughable. In one of her scenes she is seen walking to a theater and realizing she plays in one of the movies being shown, she then asks if she can go watch it. Which then turns into a back and forth conversation between Tate and the cashier. Eventually, the doorman lets her in and while watching the movie she props her very interesting feet onto the seat in front of her. I do not know what Quentin Tarantino has with women’s feet but it’s very unnoticeable throughout the film. 

Brad Pitt & Leo onset, the bar

Hollywood in 1969

Mr. Tarantino basically relives his childhood through this movie. He captured all every detail of Hollywood back in 1969. He made the theatres, cars, and the whole environment exactly how it was back in 1969. He creates the most amazing scenes throughout the whole movie. The angles and perspectives, Mr. Tarantino captures are stunning. If you are someone who really enjoys cinematography, you will definitely enjoy this. Aside from that, Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting still amazes me today. His acting is phenomenal and so energetic. He brings so much life into his character with the way he talks and walks. He really goes beyond the standards of acting. 

Throughout the whole film, Rick and Cliff are two people who are basically like brothers. They do about everything together and just that Cliff really looks out for Rick. Near the end of the movie in the ending which was covered by heroism was a dark tragedy that is said to be the end of the 1969 golden age. With that being said, there was a man named Charles Manson. He was a cult leader and along with him were Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, and Patricia Krenwinkel. They were ordered by Manson to kill Sharon Tate. This was a true event but, in the movie, it turns the event into a happy manner. I cannot go into detail with this being such a graphic case. 

The Manson Murders

Basically, what went down was Charles who ordered the attack was mad at the people who lived in Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate’s house before. They refused to make an album with Charles and Charles was also obsessed with the Beatles. Particularly the “Helter Skelter” song which spoke to him to carry out the task. So Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, and Patricia Krenwinkel drove to the Polanski residents and carried out the attack. Fun fact, the dialog at the end of the movie was the same exact dialog used by the Manson Family when they carried out the attack. While carrying out those extremely graphic attacks they wrote on the wall in the blood of the victim’s “pigs” and “Helter Skelter” to send a message. This was their last attack before being detained by police and now serving life sentences since the death penalty was ruled out in 1969. Still today there are a few Masons families serving those sentences and trying to obtain parole.

The Love Letter

Mr. Tarantino really amazes the audience and the whole world by altering the past. He shows a happy ending in 1969. Quentin Tarantino makes this movie his second to the last film he will make. With the ending he wanted it to be a happy one so there’s now a proper goodbye to Hollywood from 1969. This movie was said to be his love letter to Hollywood.

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Here is how Once upon a Time started to come together. How Quentin Tarantino turned Hollywood back into Hollywood 1969