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User Experience Research is incredibly important to creating great User Experiences. As stated by interaction design foundation, “research is the systematic study of target users and their requirements, to add realistic contexts and insights to design processes”. The research can reveal detailed information which will help create a better product.

When conducting this research there’s a lot information out there to gather so just try and organize your findings so it’s easier to read and show the team. This will help you create better solutions to the issues. You will be able to learn what many people have issues with and possible ways to overcome these issues. If you were creating an app, you would need to do research on the topic of the app and figure out who your target audience would be. Once this is done your research should explicitly show how this app will help the user and what the outcome will be. Some types of reasearch that can be done to create better User experiences are:

Observing which is where you just observe what the user does and from there you can see any setback or issues they come across.

Attitudinal which is where you simply listen to all the issues or anything that the user has to say about the experience.

doing both can also be done and I personally recommend doing both since you can obtain a very clear view of the user and how their experience is. So understanding what it is the user wants is the first part. Next figuring out how the user feels towards the experiences. Next test the experiences by doing usability testing and making sure your designs are clear, and accessible to anyone. After the testing observe and put down any more issues or concerns that the user has with the product. Do some pros and cons of what the user likes what they don’t like. After understanding your user to the best you can, you can implements the designs and create wonderful user experiences.