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What is Voice UX

it’s where your able to use your voice to do things instead of touching a screen. Voice User Interfaces are found in almost all of our devices, tv, phones, and smart home devices.

some the products out there today that use this type of interface would be, Alexa, Google home, Apple Home Pod, and more. Adding this type of interface would be beneficial to your users, since it adds a better usability and accessibility. By adding this technology it can be very beneficial for your users since it helps tremendously with providing a more accessible way to use the product. So anyone with a disability can instead use their voice to do things as they would if they used their hands.

Designing for Voice interfaces are very different from graphical ones sinces its not designed in the same way. When designing for voice interfaces you need to keep all the verbal content clean, clear and short. Too much information can overwhelm the user. Your essential goal as a voice designer is to design the interfaces as if they were using the product with their hand. You want the interface to be as seamless as possible.